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My name is Emily Simpson, and I am a photographer based in Auburn, Alabama. My husband and I have lived in the area for eight years now, and we love it! I was born and raised in Huntsville, where I spent my childhood immersed in the arts. After graduating from Auburn University in Marketing, I began working as a dance instructor/choreographer for a wonderful studio here in town. I also picked the camera up and began to study the art and science of photography. After two years of instructing, I decided to focus solely on photography and pursue two passions of mine: sharing beauty and capturing memories. I believe that as humans we all have a beauty and worth that exceeds anything we could imagine, and often we are our own worst critics. I have a passion to capture people's beauty in ways that bring joy and confidence, to capture moments in people’s lives that are special, no matter the occasion, and to capture them with excellence and artistry.

I hope to meet you and share with you my love of art, as you share with me the privilege of your time and capturing your memories. Check out my journal & instagram to see my most recent work or head over to my contact page and we'll start booking that session! 



Emily Jane